Nadia Dehghani, B.Sc.

Van Andel Institute Graduate School Student


Undergraduate university: University College London

Thesis: Genetic characterization of dementia in a Turkish cohort

Mentor: Rita Guerreiro, Ph.D

Experience: Internships at both Southampton University in the Carare lab, and Celgene UK & Ireland.

Hometown: Southampton, England

Hobbies: Art and craft fairs, admiring home décor and occasionally a yoga class


Santos M, Damásio J, Carmona S, Neto JL, Dehghani N, Guedes LC, Barbot C, Barros J, Brás J, Sequeiros J, Guerreiro R. 2022. Molecular characterization of Portuguese patients with hereditary cerebellar ataxia. Cells 11(6):981.

Gouveia C, Gibbons E, Dehghani N, Eapen J, Guerreiro R, Brás J. 2022. Genome-wide association of polygenic risk extremes for Alzheimer’s disease in the UK Biobank. Sci Rep 12(1):8404.